Location: Lake Barrine, Atherton Tablelands, Queensland, Australia

Action: Planting 2,000 rainforest trees at Tablelands Cassowary Rehabilitation Facility, Lake Barrine

Threatened Species: Southern Cassowary (Casuarius casuarius johnsonii), Lumholtz Tree-kangaroo (Dendrolagus lumholtzi) 

Habitat: Tropical Rainforest. Regional Ecosystem 7.8.4 high altitude cloud forest on basalt

Total Cost of Project: $20,000


With your help, we will establish 2,000 trees on the Atherton Tablelands to restore habitat in and surrounding the Tablelands Cassowary Rehabilitation Facility at Lake Barrine. This will help address Climate Change - as they grow the trees will remove carbon from the atmosphere through the process of biosequestration. 

The cost of growing, planting, and maintenance for one tree is $10 per tree, so to establish 2,000 trees we need to raise $20,000. 

The Southern Cassowary is endangered and urgently needs your help. They are endangered due to the loss of habitat. They are also frequent victims of car strikes and dog attacks, often leaving orphaned chicks to starve. When cyclones strike Far North Queensland, they often cause devastation to rainforest habitat and a crisis for Cassowaries. For injured and orphaned Cassowaries, the only option for survival comes from Rainforest Reserves Australia and a stay in a “Cassowary hospital” at the Tablelands Cassowary Rehabilitation Facility. 

The Tableland Cassowary Rehabilitation Facility is located on Barrine Park Nature Refuge and comprises 40 hectares (100 acres) which act as a pre-release site for rehabilitating Cassowaries prior to their return to the wild.

Restoration of the rainforest will provide habitat and as the trees produce fruits there will be a natural food source for rehabilitating Cassowaries. Restoring the rainforest will also help create a corridor between the Lake Barrine section of the Crater Lakes National Park and Wooroonooran National Park.

Every $10 you donate will establish one tree for the Southern Cassowary.  


The Atherton Tableland is a fertile plateau located in Far North Queensland that was once covered in tropical rainforest. Clearing for agriculture began in the late 19th century and this has removed 50% of the rainforest. The remaining rainforest is broken up into small fragments, creating challenges for wildlife to travel across the landscape.

The Southern Cassowary is dependent on tropical rainforest. It’s estimated that as few as 4,400 adults and sub-adults remain in the wild. Due to habitat loss and fragmentation, the Southern Cassowary is now listed as Endangered under Queensland's Nature Conservation Act (1999).


We will establish 2,000 rainforest trees to restore the rainforest at Barrine Park Nature Refuge as habitat for the Southern Cassowary.

Starting in 2022 we will:

  • Remove the weeds from the tree planting site.
  • Plant 2,000 rainforest trees.
  • Then, for the next three years will care for the trees to ensure they all survive. This will involve eliminating competition by removing weeds that germinate on the site.

Planting trees at the Tablelands Cassowary Rehabilitation Facility will provide a direct benefit to the Southern Cassowary as they are frugivores, eating the fruits of tropical rainforest plants.

Every $10 will establish one tree for the Southern Cassowary. 

Linking Lake Barrine (Crater Lakes National Park) and Wooroonooran National Park

What type of trees are chosen?

The species of trees are chosen specifically for the tree planting site. Tree species selection is determined by an ecologist and botanist who chooses the appropriate native trees based on the forest type in the area, availability of sunlight, existing plant competition, and presence of animals and insects. A mixed selection of native rainforest trees will be planted that provide habitat for the Southern Cassowary.

Every $10 you donate will establish one tree for the Southern Cassowary.  

Have we done this before?

Yes, we have been actively involved in the revegetation of the Atherton Tablelands with our partners Rainforest Reserves Australia and 30,000 trees have already been established at Barrine Park Nature Refuge.

Successful tree planting funded by generous donors

Thank you HalfCut

The nonprofit project partner HalfCut is joining us in restoring the rainforest on the Atherton Tablelands. Thank you to HalfCut and its supporters. 

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