Location: Big Scrub, NSW, Australia 
Action: Establishing 150,000 trees at Goonengerry and Wilson's Creek, NSW (Byron Shire local government area) 

Threatened Species
Habitat: Lowland Subtropical Rainforest
Total Cost of Project: $150,000


The Big Scrub was the largest expanse of lowland subtropical rainforest in Australia covering an area of approximately 75,000 hectares on rich volcanic and alluvial soils between Byron Bay, Ballina, and Lismore. In the 1860s extraction of timber began. This was followed by clearing for agriculture and by 1900 only one percent of the rainforest remained. 

The problem

Today the subtropical rainforest of the Big Scrub can be found in 100 small remnants scattered across a largely cleared landscape. The Big Scrub Rainforest remnants are home to over 50 threatened species of flora and fauna. Due to the extent of past clearing Lowland Subtropical Rainforest is also listed as an Endangered Ecological Community under the NSW Threatened Species Conservation Act.

Remnants of the Big Scrub need to be expanded

The Solution

For the threatened species found in the Big Scrub to survive we need to expand the area of available habitat. That can be achieved through the planting of trees, however, with this project, we will achieve most of the outcome through managing the landscape to accelerate natural regeneration. Many species of rainforest trees produce fruits that are attractive to birds and bats that consume the fruit and spread the seeds. Others species of trees have their seeds disbursed by the wind. They need certain favorable conditions to germinate and grow which are often disrupted by exotic plants. By managing the landscape by removing these weeds we can help the rainforest to regrow. 

What type of trees are chosen?

We are establishing the species that occur in the former Big Scrub Rainforest. 

Have we done this before?

Yes, our staff and the contractors that help us have decades of experience in restoring the subtropical rainforest of the Big Scrub. For this project, we have engaged the specialist services of Northern Rivers Ecology. 

Thank you HalfCut

The nonprofit project partner HalfCut is joining us in restoring the Daintree Lowland Rainforest through the Rewild Challenge. Thanks to Jimmy and Jess and all the HalfCut supporters for their help. 

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