The 2019-2020 Australian bushfires were the most devastating that Australian wildlife and ecosystems have experienced in the last 50 years.

Our Bushfire Recovery project is focused in subtropical Eastern Australia, in a region where both World Heritage National Park and rainforest on private property was burnt.

All of this rainforest is ecologically significant with the second highest biodiversity value in Australia.

Rainforests are the one of the most fire damaged forests in Australia as rainforests do not have the ecological mechanisms to recover like some Australian forests do.

They need our help to recover or will become overrun with invasive weed species that pose further threats to an already vulnerable and damaged ecosystem.

The Bushfire Recovery Project uses established rainforest restoration methods including accelerated natural regeneration and matrix-model tree planting. Our work is focused in the areas of Huonbrook and Wilsons Creek, within the Byron Shire in Northern NSW. In its first year, this project has regenerated 8 hectares of fire damaged land to establish approximately 80,000 trees, and has planted 8,000 trees.

Sitting with the debris on one of four bushfire recovery regeneration sites in Huonbrook, Northern NSW. 

George (Northern Rivers Ecological) with a tray of saplings. A mixed species selection of native rainforest trees. 

Northern Rivers Ecological crew and Rainforest Rangers volunteers planting an area of weeds with rainforest species. 

60,898 trees funded
Of our 1,000,000 trees established target
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