The Daintree lowland rainforest in far north Queensland of Australia is a global biodiversity hotspot and is oldest continually surviving rainforests on Earth. Estimated to have existed continuously for ~110 million years. The greater Daintree rainforest is home to plant diversity unparalleled in Australia. As you walk through the Daintree you will see ferns and flowers representing every stage of plant and flower evolution. 

Deforestation for rural residential development and cattle farming has severely fragmented this ancient ecosystem leaving gaps in the rainforest canopy and damaging essential habitat for endangered species. 

Reforestation in the Daintree is geared towards closing up gaps in the canopy, expanding existing habitat, and providing additional food and habitat for the Endangered Southern Cassowary - the iconic large bird of the Daintree. 

Closing gaps in the canopy. A 2 year old planting to close a road. 

Zia, our Conservation Program Manager planting in the Daintree in April 2021. 

What a group of volunteers! A public tree planting in December 2020. 

27 trees
Raised of our 1,000,000 trees target
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