The Rainforest Rangers is proud to partner with wonderful charities, non-government organisations and individuals to achieve conservation outcomes. 

Rainforest Rangers is working with HalfCut, a not-for-profit organisation who seriously raise the bar in getting people involved in rainforest restoration and conservation. They have one aim: to save our planet from the climate crisis and bring new audiences to the table. HalfCut’s campaigns are raising funds for the Rainforest Rangers programs and yep, we think they’re reaching that aim! Their latest campaign, the PSS challenge will contribute 100,000 trees to these projects thanks to the tremendous efforts from everyone involved! 

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When it comes to Sumatran reforestation and Orangutan protection there is none other like Orangutan Information Centre (OIC). We partner with OIC to design and deliver reforestation projects in Sumatra. OIC is Medan based NGO that aims to conserve and ptotect orangutans and their forest homes in Sumatera. Thy work closely with local communities living alongside orangutan habitat, in and around the Leuser and Batang Toru Ecosystems, the last stronghold of orangutan populations in Sumatra and among the most important tropical forest remaining in Asia.