The REWILD Challenge is almost here and it's time to be the change you want to see in the world, for yourself and the planet.  

You’d have to have your head in the sand not to hear all the talk about Climate Change. Sometimes it seems that's all there is. I’m sure you’ll agree what we need is action. That's why through the REWILD Challenge why we're aiming to establish 1 million rainforest trees. 

Our partners at HalfCut have created the REWILD Challenge for you to help restore the Earth's rainforests. 

It’s a one-month challenge and it’s all about two things.

  1. ReWilding your health
  2. ReWilding the earth

And how do we do it? We’ve got 3 steps: P. S. S.

That’s it! The REWILD Challenge is incredibly good for you and INCREDIBLY good for the environment. By signing up to join the REWILD Challenge for all of March, you’ll commit to 30, 60, or even 90 reps a day, and off the back of that raising funds is a piece of cake.

But here’s why it’s all worth it…

Half of the Earth’s forests have been destroyed. 

There’s hardly anything more important than protecting the lifeblood of our earth, which provides us with oxygen, water, food, and medicine just to start.

So will you join us and sign up for the REWILD Challenge today?

Every strain of your muscles will be worth it, and not just for picking up the perfect summer bod about 4 months too late. 

It’s also because every push-up, sit-up, or squat you do inspires your friends, family, colleagues, and others to donate to a cause that affects every single one of us.

Yes – EVERY dollar raised gets used to establish trees in crucial areas and give our Earth back her lungs.

We want to raise half a million dollars to establish half a million trees in the Daintree Rainforest, Atherton Tablelands, and the Big Scrub Rainforest.

What do you say? Will you join us in 2022?

We've created the Rainforest Rangers team which you can join. Or, please, make a donation now

Sign up by clicking the button below… let’s REWILD ourselves AND the earth, one sweaty push-up at a time!

Sign up for the REWILD Challenge

Join Jimmy and Jess from HalfCut and hundreds of others. Take on the REWILD Challenge and make an unforgettable impact for the good of our world!

Stay wild!