Project Snapshot

Location: Arunachala Hill, Tamil Nadu, India

Action: Planting 5,700 trees. 

Total Cost of Project: $5,700


The sacred Arunachala Hill in Tamil Nadu rises alone from the surrounding plains to a height of 860m. The hill is one of five main shaivite holy places in South India and is a site of pilgrimage. Geologically, the hill is an outlier of the Eastern Ghats, a broken line of ancient granitic hills that run the length of the India's eastern side, and passes less than 30km to the west of Thiruvannamalai. With your support, we will establish another 5,700 trees. 

The problem

Arunachala Hill was once covered in forests that supported tigers and other wildlife as ancient Tamil poems attest. But years of wood-cutting and man-made fires left only pockets of stunted trees.

The Solution

In 1988 restoration of the forest on Arunachala through a local movement to support the ambitious task. Through supporting The Forest Way Trust, a local non-profit organisation we will continue the work to restore Arunachala Hill. In the nursery at the foot of Arunachala Hill, we will grow the trees and shrubs, native to this region. They will then be planted by the team on the slopes of the hill. Follow-up care is then taken to increase survival rates. Flammable grasses will be removed to reduce the risk of fires.

What type of trees are chosen?

The trees establish through this project at native species to this site. More than 70 indigenous species will be established. 

Have we done this before?

The reforestation work on Arunachala hill is an unfolding success story. An impressive 1,500,000 trees have been established since 1988 supporting a variety of forest types and providing habitat to many plant and animal species. 

Are local communities involved? 

Since 1988 the project has provided employment for local people from surrounding villages who are otherwise severely economically disadvantaged. At all times about 30 families are supported through full-time employment in seed collection and tree propagation in the nursery, planting trees in the monsoon season, fire regime management involving removal of all inflammable material after each monsoon season, except trees.

Thank you HalfCut

The nonprofit project partner HalfCut is joining us in restoring the Daintree Lowland Rainforest through the Rewild Challenge. Thanks to Jimmy and Jess and all the HalfCut supporters for their help. 


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