On April 29 an amazing group of tree lovers got their hands dirty in the Daintree to plant 500 trees in the rain! This planting is continuing a roadside reforestation project where we are converting roadsides of overgrown grasses and invasive weeds back into forest and expanding critical habitat. 

Volunteers on the day were all smiles and dirty hands.

Why does the world's oldest rainforest need reforestation? Over 50km of roads were created in the Daintree lowlands during the subdivision of the Daintree Lowlands into residential lots. To create these roads, a huge amount of rainforest was cleared and often these clearings were far wider than necessary.

Invasive weeds and grasses have inundated these roadsides and this needs ongoing weeding and maintenance. These areas are a great opportunity for reforestation and expansion of rainforest ecosystem. Roadsides full of native trees providing food and habitat are far better than invasive weeds! This planting of 500 trees is a continuation of our roadside reforestation on Silkwood Road.

The Silkwood roadside reforestation project. The images show our first planting progress after 21 months. The trees are growing well! Now, with 500 additions!

A big thank you to all of our volunteers who came from far and wide to plant with us. The Coconut Bowls team, the crew from 2040, HalfCut, and volunteers from Port Douglas and Cairns. And thank you to Daintree Life for the site preparation of this area and for the maintenance of these trees.

It was a pleasure planting trees with you all! Let’s watch this forest grow!