For every $1 donated to the Rainforest Rangers program, we guarantee that one rainforest tree will be established. Our program is fully audited and managed by Gondwana Rainforest Trust, a non-profit environmental charity on a mission to protect and restore Earth's rainforests.

Using assisted natural regeneration (ANR), a science-led methodology, 
we establish one rainforest tree for every dollar contributed to our $1 a tree program.

ANR is a simple forest restoration method that can effectively convert deforested lands of degraded vegetation into more productive forests. Compared to planting trees, ANR offers significant cost advantages because it reduces or eliminates the costs associated with propagating, raising, and planting seedlings.

As rainforest seeds can lie dormant in the soil for many years (up to 120 years for some species), the ground beneath these thick areas of invasive weeds is full of life waiting for a chance to germinate. These seeds would germinate naturally if the weeds were not present and inhibiting their growth. By effectively removing the invasive weeds and maintaining the area, ANR removes the barrier and competition for the available seed bank, enabling seeds to germinate. In doing so, this strategy that accelerates the natural regeneration of the forest. 

ANR has been shown to be the most cost-effective approach for large-scale forest and landscape restoration. The on-ground teams we work with have demonstrated successful applications of ANR achieving an average of 10,000 trees per hectare (1 tree per square metre).

As custodians of the forests, it's our duty to protect our natural heritage for future generations. For just $1 a tree, your support will help restore vital rainforest ecosystems.


Help Restore the Earth's Rainforests

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