Welcome! And congratulations on registering to become a Rainforest Ranger volunteer. 

In doing so, you've joined a community of socially-conscious, like-minded people with a desire to create a better future for themselves, their families, and the environment. 

Through the Rainforest Rangers program, we have the power to create real and lasting change by restoring and regenerating our rainforests. Our volunteers have helped us plant thousands of rainforest trees at tree-planting events in Northern NSW and Far North Queensland. We get outdoors with a great community of people, connect with nature, and leave knowing that we're doing our part to restore the environment. 

And best of all, we're just getting started. You can view our current volunteer opportunities here.

For now, please take the time to read through this page for everything you need to know about volunteering with us.

See you soon, 


Operations Manager, Rainforest Rangers 

Staying safe as a volunteer: your rights and responsibilities

Everyone has the right to be safe at work, including volunteers. 

We take volunteer safety seriously. We have a responsibility to manage health and safety risks to ensure, so far as reasonably practicable, the health and safety of all of our workers and volunteers. This includes: 

  • making sure equipment is suitable for the work and does not put volunteers’ health and safety at risk

  • ensuring volunteers are equipped with the correct personal protective equipment

  • providing opportunities for everyone to contribute to managing safety and suggest improvements/changes

  • providing instructions, information and training on how to work safely

  • having a process to investigate incidents and resolve safety issues

  • consulting volunteers in relation to health and safety issues. 

Under WHS laws, unpaid volunteers are recognised as workers. This means they also have duties.

Volunteers must take reasonable care: 

  • for their own health and safety

  • to ensure they do not adversely affect the health and safety of others, including other volunteers, participants, employees of Rainforest 4 Foundation and other contractors, and members of the public.

As best they can, volunteers must also:

  • comply, so far as they are reasonably able, with any reasonable instruction that is given to them.

  • cooperate with and follow any reasonable policy or procedure that the organisation has provided.

Plan on planting trees with us? Watch this. 

A small gift to say thank you

To say thank you for joining us, we’d like to offer you a gift! 

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