1000 trees in 2 hours! Thank you to our muddy volunteers who spent a wet morning with us planting 1000 trees to a fire affected site in Huonbrook, Northern NSW, in the Big Scrub rainforest region. 


This site was affected in the 2019-2020 bushfires. Fires came through the forest and burnt through rainforest. Rainforest species do not respond well to fire and do not recover or germinate quickly following fire. Instead of recovering, invasive weed species see these burnt areas as an opportunity to quickly establish themselves.

On this site, the burnt areas were inundated with exotic weed species rapidly after the bushfires. These weeds provide little benefit ecologically. This site is part of our Bushfire Recovery project. The site was prepared by removing these weeds and drilling the holes before 1000 trees were planted. These trees will be maintained for three years to ensure they remain strong and healthy into their life.

Thank you to our awesome volunteers. We love you!