We love celebrating our successes with you. 

The wins we’ve achieved for conservation made possible by our generous donors, such as the purchase and protection of 31 rainforest properties and counting, are what drive us forward day by day and inspire us to keep striving to make an impact.  

Sometimes, making that impact takes a little more time than we planned.

In 2019, we set an ambitious target with strategic partner HalfCut to establish 1 million trees by the end of the 2022/23 financial year. 

However, circumstances in the past three years haven’t been on our side. 

A severe drought in Northern NSW coincided with the outbreak of COVID, which restricted contractor and volunteer activities. 

Last year, devastating floods in Northern NSW uprooted thousands of people from homes and businesses, including the Rainforest 4 Foundation headquarters.

Despite this, we’ve established close to a hundred thousand rainforest trees (93,320) through our involvement in projects in Northern NSW, Indonesia and Far North Queensland. 

Through assisted natural regeneration trials, we’ve also been discovering how small interventions to help nature work its own magic can have a large impact. 

And at any given time, we also have several projects that are planned and awaiting funding, as well as projects that are currently underway and those that have been fully completed.

Establishing one million trees is still the goal, and as Rainforest Rangers we are continually learning and growing, finding new ways to make it happen. Now we’re aiming to get there by 2025.

Tree planting will form part of the solution, but as we build on our knowledge of newer, cost-effective restoration techniques like assisted natural regeneration, we will continue to refine our strategy to deliver the best possible outcomes for wildlife, climate, people and planet. 

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